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SAM tattoo x graffiti special ^_^

Hell yeah, this baby is finally in store and ready to be shipped! A while back, the guys at Walls&Skin asked if we could do a special issue about the relation between graffiti and tattoos, because apparently a lot of writers do tattoos and a lot of tattoo artists paint. Seems legit, so we went to work :) Proud to feature artists like Lugo, Muretz, Iñaki, Peter van der Helm, Feleon, Que, Phen, Xav, Leon Ka, Cortisol Kid, Enigma, Nacho Eterno, Michiel van der Born, Floes and Eric Moreno. So, wheater you're inked or not, get it while it's hot!

Mossy Giant

Mossy Giant is an Amsterdam based illustrator & graphic designer who practices his craft in a small studio close to the center of the city. Mossy Giant takes tremendous pride in his craft, always creating by hand, whilst also flirting with the digital realm - on a continuous journey to master his tools. Check out the cool cover he made for SAM issue 19 ^_^


When stencil artist Jaune is in your city, a tribe of tiny garbagemen follows wherever he’s been. They’re impossible to pass without smiling, but there are dark truths behind their funny facades.

Studio Mals

Mals crafts high quality eye-catching images and film. Their work is often tangible -preferably handmade- and has a conceptual approach. Combined with a playful attitude, it results in a strong visual language. The studio is founded by Silas Nout and Martin van der Molen.


Ever had a train tell you to fuck off? Well, if you’re waiting for your connection on a Hamburg station, that just might happen...


Fresh for issue 19: meet Snob, a young writer from central Italy. Besides painting walls, he draws detailed worlds in black and white where graffiti plays a main role.

POW!WOW! Rotterdam

POW! WOW! Festival is the best known street art festival in the world. It started in the outskirts of Hawaii, transforming a grey suburb into a beloved open air gallery. After several successful editions on the island of O‘ahu, the festival spread to locations in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Rotterdam became the proud host of its first European edition! The first edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam was a huge success! During the weekend of September 15 and 16 2018, the M4H area was in the hold of the best (inter)national street artists. The work of more than 70 artists could be admired in the form of murals, canvas, installations and vans. Aside from the art, a fantastic and diverse festival audience also enjoyed sports competitions and musical acts on the main stage.

Robert van der Kroft

Never meet your heroes, the saying goes. But several Rotterdam street artists didn’t just meet the man whose comics they grew up with, they eventually worked with Robert van der Kroft as well. Thankfully, he’s every bit as cool and fun as his comic book creations are. Those characters unfortunately remain in legal limbo and no longer appear in books or magazines, but in the past years, have surprisingly been resurrected on the city’s walls. Glad to have him in the Rotterdam Special SAM 010.

I am Eelco

Brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen of his Rotterdam home, I AM EELCO is wearing a shirt bearing the logo of Rudafest Bogota, the Colombian street art festival he was a guest at only weeks before. His many travels don’t exactly make it easy to pin him down for a conversation, but it isn’t hard to see why he’s so in-demand all over the world: his realm of remarkably rendered night animals are unlike anything else. This Rotterdam classic is also in the Rotterdam Special SAM 010.

Nuno Viegas

A visual tribute to graffiti culture, captured in a fine art painting style. Portuguese born Nuno Viegas works and lives in Rotterdam and from there he’s quickly conquering the world. Reason enough to have him in the Rotterdam Special SAM 010 :)

Telmo Miel - again :)

We had them before in issue 16, but we couldn't let them pass for this Rotterdam Special SAM 010.“That’s something only we know”, Telmo Pieper says, one half of the world-renowned duo Telmo Miel, when asked whether one can see what parts he painted, and what his partner Miel Krutzmann did. “But that’s because we’ve been collaborating this long, learning from each other and trusting each other blindly.” Miel agrees: “You need a trained eye to tell.”

Finally Adult!

Issue 18, finally adult, yay! For the occasion we painted a train in the color of our office floor (see pic above), added eight extra pages and tried to fill those with a good mix of the good, the bad and the beautiful stuff that’s being made. We’ve even got an eleven page contribution about the Street Art Awards Benelux. Now you may ask; ‘Should an independent thing like street art be judged and awarded by its peers?’ But in these days of people chasing 2K-likes and 10K-followers I say ‘Why not?’ Art is being judged all the time by anyone who sees it (or ignores it) and online love and hate are unleashed all the time. Public art will always be subject to interpretation by the beholder and as long as we don’t take ourselves too serious, all will be fine. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be in the Olympics! But then again, I’m no professor on the subject. Ah well, champagne!


A bucket of white paint, a few cans of black and an almost limitless amount of sketches. Combine that with the classic Falns 121 freight train and an unstopable urge to paint. One of the most aesthetic freight bombers out there without any doubt is the appropriately named Falns 121. We had a short chat with this mysterious guy in issue 18.


What do you get when you mix your favourite cartoons sliced, diced and pour a big bucket of paint and some Swiss precision all over it? You get this four letter word spelling BUST. We had this guy on our wish list for a long time, but in issue 18 we finally both had time to do a quick interview.

Steppin' in and out of the Arena 2018

Step in the Arena is probably the biggest graffiti jam in the Netherlands. Two days, more than 150 international artists and our photographer Luke da Duke reporting for duty in issue 18.

SAM issue 19

Making this issue has seen some serious delay. Holidays, work, painting and content mysteriously disappearing were to blame. Not to mention the fact that every editor here has a full time job to attend to. Or did you think we lived like Hugh Hefner in a big SAM Mansion? Would be nice though, having a few trains in the backyard (image above), loads of walls to paint, free spray can dispensers, a mini ramp and a 24 hour pool side bar... Yeah, the magazine business is the best way to get rich. But, the fact that you’re reading this, means issue 19 is alive! It’s a good old fashioned mixed bag this time; from street bombers to studio animation to typography and anything in between. It’s an issue you can have laying around on any high brow coffee table showing your excellent taste in art.

Pref ID

At the early age of eleven Pref found the Spraycan Art at a London flea market. That book gave him an insight in the tags and pieces he’d been seeing from the bus and train window on his journey to school. Already into skateboarding, skateboard graphics and Hip Hop music, painting graffiti was a natural progression and became his passion ever since. Read more in issue 19.

Perishable Rush

Roaming the streets with a large shopping bag in hand, Perishable Rush collects the trash from human manifestations. He loves thick layers of weathered posters that he peels off layer by layer, in much the same manner as he does in his work relating to human behaviour and the spirit of the times from which it originated. All about this guy in issue 19.


Walking the streets of Rotterdam you’re bound to run into a piece by Pose. He’s like that classic nineties bomber that hits the city with tags, throw-ups and pieces and never seems to run out of funkiness or cans. Never predictable and always looking for good spots to paint, Pose is gradually becoming a house hold name in the streets. Check issue 19.


It all started late 2017 when the guys of Dutch Graffiti Library saw a post on Instagram showing a New York City subway painted in the mid eighties by Kase2 TFP and next to it a piece that said “Disz” and a big Vaughn Bodé lizard. In the comments beneath this picture someone wrote: “Disz was a dude visiting from Europe that Kase brought to the 1 tunnel. We remembered the name Disz as mentioned in the preface of Spraycan Art published by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff in 1987.” Read all about it in issue 19 :)

SAM 010

Huh, 010, don't you mean issue 19? Well, this is a bit of a special issue focussing only on Rotterdam, nicknamed 010 for the area code. It's an issue powered by Rotterdam Make it Happen and made by the regular SAM staff with a bit of help from MJay. This issue features just a small selection of all the good stuff that is being made in this city so we made a mix of the old, the new, the fine art and the bombers, a bit of history and a bit of the future. But if you want to catch 'em all, just visit Rotterdam, our hometown ;)


Whether he’s creating art installations out of plastic waste on the beaches of Mexico, or ‘vandalizing’ advertisements in the Rotterdam streets, you’ll notice what he’s doing. Naamlooozz: “The street inspires me. I’m just a guy from the streets.”


Omnipresent on the streets of Rotterdam since early 2001, Lastplak is a ten person collective that has a big part in paving the way street art is being embraced in Rotterdam today. They’ve almost always worked without commissions, permits or funds and never been held back by rain, snow, security guards or heights. Their motto is ‘niet lullen maar sauzen’ (less talk, more painting), a variation of a classic Rotterdam phrase, but for this issue they granted us an interview for the Rotterdam Special SAM 010.


It’s in the early days of September 1982 when a man in an air filtration mask climbs the scaffolding in what’s known as the Berenkuil (bear pit) of Rotterdam’s Lijnbaan, an area that’s been described as ‘a problematic part’ of the city’s center. His name is Lee Quinones, and he has come from New York to paint his name there, with three letters in flaming colors, springing forth from a pitch black splash of paint. Once he’s done, he leaves a message to the right of his painting: ‘from the blood and soul of New York I come.’ It influenced a whole generation of rotterdam graffiti writers, so he's obviously in the Rotterdam Special SAM 010.

Danny Rumbl

If you see funked up Dastardly and Muttley on a wall, or Yogi Bear, Top Cat or any other Hanna-Barbera character, there’s big chance you’re looking at something made by Danny Rumbl. And of course he's in the Rotterdam Special SAM 010!

Nina Valkhoff

“A wall is just a dead thing, and once you paint something onto it, it starts to live. Especially If what you paint is something in which you can see life”, says Nina Valkhoff, the painter who’s been livening up walls from Buenos Aires to Mexico City and her own native Rotterdam. But even though it has always been received well, most of her work has been assigned by clients that wanted to tone down her own stylistic impulses. Nina: “I’m done with that now", she explains in the Rotterdam Special SAM010.

Girl on the rise!

Born, raised and Rotterdam based and internationally known illustrator Xaviera Altena has developed a style reminicent of seventies poster design with colours brighter then the sun and where fashionable women take a prominent place. Also one who was on our wishlist for a while, and we're happy to have her in issue 18 just before she becomes too famous ;)


Austrian artist HNRX is painting wall after wall leaving a lasting impression to the spectator. Born and raised in Austria, a country with a respectable reputation when it comes to art, he definetly lives up to that expectation. For issue 18 we talked about his passion for everyday objects and why he switched from spraypaint to working with brushes.


“As popular and loved as street art is nowadays, so dismayed graffiti still often is. Still, it’s the origin of this art form that has long since outgrown the train yards of the New York subway system”, so read the announcement of a unique event that promised to “go back to the thriving roots of graffiti culture for a unique exhibition.” After months of preparations, it finally happened on Friday night May 18, with S/ASH GA\ERY (Slash gallery) as the gracious host to an audience of which every single member was masked. For one night, creativity was celebrated over legality. It was called BALACLAVA, Jake, 1UP, Risote and Pose were involved and there's an item about it in issue 18.

Street Art Awards Benelux

The third edition of the (Dutch) Street Art Awards included Belgium and Luxemburg, making it a Benelux thing. Plus it was hosted in Rotterdam on walking distance from our office, so enough reasons to do an item on this event in issue 18.