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Circus SAM

Yes! When starting SAM, one of the plans was to start organising shows and offer the featured artists a broader platform and promoting the art they make. So, we're proud to anounce the first show organised by SAM and kindly hosted by Circus Network from Porto. We have a line up consisting of artists that have been featured in SAM and that are active as professional illustrators. The show will feature two works made by each artist, framed in a 40x50cm frame. The opening is on May 7th and we'll do an item on the show in the upcoming issue 10. Good times!

London Police

So, SAM, you finally got the guys from London Police. Yes, it took some time, but in the end it was just a luke warm quiche, some Bulgarian bean soup and a small introduction by Jamie Lee Curtiss that got us where we are today. There's no way to describe the item, just read it.


Ow yeah, for our ninth issue we talked to Sobekcis about their work and their recent show in Art is Just a Four Letter Word gallery in Soest, Germany. Put on your sunglasses and make sure to sit down.

The year 2015 is coming to an end and we're already preparing for another four fresh issues for 2016. And like any other year, you can subscribe to SAM and enjoy a small discount and a hasle free delivery to your home. What a great Christmas gift this would be ;)

A Spreading Virus!

This guy has been on our wish list since issue #1, and even though he is almost our neighbor, he only found time when we already reached issue 8. So, here it is, the long awaited item on mr. Virus, one of the busiest painters out there, always working and adding more colour to the city every day. Whooo!

The Yok and Sheryo

This nice couple has a dengue fever infected imagination and is kind enough to share that with us by making huge murals. Check out all you need to know in issue 8 and make sure to order a nasi goreng to go with it.

Spot the Dot!

When we first aw the work by Dotsy we knew we wanted him in SAM. This Scandinavian is currently rocking Amsterdam with his multi-dotted images of pure weirdness. Check out issue 8 if yiu want to know all about him.


Ok, it took us all summer, but it's here; issue 7! This issue features a lot of good stuff from all over the world. We had a chance to talk to Jeremyville, who is a very busy man. We hooked up with our friend Baschz, did an interview with Michiel van den Berg, visited Soest to attend the first solo show by MOST in Partisan Creative Corner and to top it of there's an item on Pow!Wow! Long beach. Chimp did the cartoon and we have a new guy in the office; welcome Tommy!


We've been chasing this guy since issue 1, but he always got away. Now, ladies ad gentlemen, we got him! Rotterdam based but Brabant born artist Baschz has been active on so many levels that you should have seen some of his works at least once. Always subtile, but in your face at the same time, a good dash of humour and irony and a unlimited passion for making things. It's got that street vibe but never agressive, and almost always makes you smile. Check it out in issue 7!

book review: OX

New in SAM is the book review. Our new bff's at Gestalten publishing send us their book on French artist OX to review. We already knew some of his work, but the book gives a perfect overview the work he's made since 1984. We can give one copie away, so go to our Facebook page and tell us why you want one. Or just order it here, and you'll have it for sure!

Hip to be Square

Saturday, the 1st of August, we attended the opening of the show 'Hip to be Square' by German artist MOST. It was his first solo show and the Partisan Creative Corner was proud to host it. MOST, part of JBCB crew, found a new and surprising way to represnt his letters and moved between typography and abstract works. Of course we made an item on it for issue 7!

A new game

Cardinal Mistake is working on a new computer game drawn by our favourite all rounder mr. Dave the Chimp. It's a strartup thing, so suport and contribute here!


We've been in touch with Sumo since the start of SAM, but we finally found a good opportunity to do an item on this man. Coming sson in issue #6!

Preview SAM 5

Just a little preview of the upcoming issue!

Issue #4

Yes! Issue #4 just went to print and here's a preview of the cover. Yes, that is a woman painting an Indian train in daylight with a roller. Why not?
In this fourth issue we talk to SatOne, we visit Jace on the island of Réunion (just look it up), we have an item on Andreas Englund and last but not least we have a good talk with the 1UP crew. And of course there's a fresh cartoon made by our favoutite staff member; Dave the Chimp!

Rick Hedof

Our poster and cover boy for issue 9 is long time favourite mr. Rick Berkelmans aka Hedof. This guy is responsible for so many perfectly executed illustration jobs that we could fill a phone book with his work. We interviewed him and he told us all about staying young, skipping sleep and staying focussed for hours. And, for your viewing pleasure, we also added some images, duh!

Alex Senna, again?

Yes, again! We had this really nice Brazilian in issue 1 and now it's time for an update. Alex Senna selected some of his recent projects and we turned it into a sort of a picture story thing. Well, just go see for yourself!

Special Deal!

It's that time of year again, yes, last minute shoppers please pay attention! Together with our friends at Nieuwe Hoogte we can offer you this special deal while supplies last: a fresh issue 8 of SAM Magazine and a signed and numbered print by Kev Grey. This print is made by letter press on thick black paper with silver ink. Each print comes packed with a certificate of authenticity and a bunch of stickers. Now hurry and get your order in!

Yes, issue 8!

So, issue 8 already! And just in time for the holidays, what a timing ;) This issue is packed with good stuff: we finally managed to get both ZEDZ and Eelco Virus to do an interview with us, there's an item on Kev Grey, Dotsy, Yok & Sheryo and Frau Isa. Dave the Chimp made the page 2 comic and there's stuff from all over the world in 'the great outdoors'. Just click 'shop' and you'll be reading sooner then the Dutch mail company can deliver mail, muhahahahahaaa!


One of the best known Dutch graffiti writers and a pioneer when it comes to putting things in perspective, mr. ZEDZ managed to find some time to talk to us in issue 8. He recently released a book about his graffiti works from roughly 1988 till 2015. Raise your hand if you weren't even born then!

Kev Grey

As promised, we have an item on Kev Grey in issue 8. This Liverpoolian is known for it's strong black and white images and has been on our list for a long time now.

Frau Isa

In issue 8 we have an item on Frau Isa, the only female member of The Weird Crew. She currently had a show at Partisan Creative Corner in Soest and we feel head over heels in love with her ;)

Kev Grey

We'll introduce you to Kev Grey from England in issue 7, and we're preparing an item on his work for issue 8, just for the love of balck and white!


More than proud to announce we have an interview with Jeremyville in issue 7! He's very busy, but we managed to talk to him while he was in Paris where he had a show at Colette. And not only that; this man was kind enough to draw the cover for us. His work is known for it's positive vibe and his Community Service Announcements. Ah well, just get issue 7 and see it for yourself!

Michiel van den Berg

Also in issue #7; an interview with Dutch illustrator Michiel van den Berg. He's known for his static representation of objects, has a big love for the great outdoors and playing his guitar.

Iranian Street Art

We've been in touch with a group of Iranian artists for some time now and they asked us for help. They made a documentary on street art and all the risks that it involves in Iran. Check the trailer and give your support here!

Send us your stuff!

As always, we welcome all your pictures of fresh walls, trains, planes and whatever it is you've been painting on! Contact us via

Amok Island

Proud to anounce we've got an interview with the talented mr. Amok in the upcoming issue of SAM. This Dutch guy is currently living in Australia and has painted an impressive amount of walls there and in parts of Asia. If you can't wait, just check out his work here!

Launch SAM #5

Yes, issue 5 is finished and will be released on March 20th at our friends at Groos. If you're on FB, check the event page here. If not, just write down; Friday, March 20th, from 18:00 till 21:00 at GROOS. See you there!

I am 1UP

After 10 years of hardcore legendary actions, train bombings and rooftops, the German 1UP Crew thought is was time to publish their first book. It'a s booming 140 pages of pictures from their private archives, self-published, full of behind-the-scenes action, an exceptional volume that is poised to become a milestone in graffiti documentation in the first decade of the 21st century.Order your copy here!